By working with your needs and yard specifications, we can create a custom firepit for almost any spot in your yard. All we need is a solid base to work with. Our firepits are made from natural stones or blocks, and come in a variety of different colors.

Retaining Walls

Designed to retain soil for unnatural slopes, retaining walls are a great way to take advantage of unused land. We build retaining walls with granite boulders, natural stones, or blocks. Our services range from increasing the size of your patio or deck, to creating a custom wall perfect for a small flowerbed or garden.

Sitting Walls

As decoration or for gatherings of all sizes, sitting walls are a great way to enhance your patio and add value to your home. We can design the wall to custom fit your yard and even have the ability to add pillars for lights or plants to transform your sitting wall into your own private space. Sitting walls are built with natural stone and blocks.


Patios are a great way to bring together your family and friends for outdoor dining and relaxation. Our patios are made from paver’s bricks, blacktop, cement, or natural stone, so you don’t have to worry about getting the grill ready or making a mess. We can custom create layouts for your yard. No size is too small, or too big.


Perfect for connecting parts of the yard or spicing up entry ways, custom sidewalks and walkways can greatly enhance the look and value of your home. We create sidewalks and walkways from brick, stone, or black top for any area of your yard.


Specializing in cement and brick paving, we are experts at creating standard and custom driveways of all sizes. A customer is favorite is the brick paving method, which has a longer lifespan and adds a beautiful, luxurious look to the front of your home. We are also available for driveway repair services.


Lawn Maintenance

We offer lawn maintenance services for the entire season. Call us when your law needs it, or get on a schedule. We offer summer lawn mowing contracts where we will come to your house every week (or how often you want) and mow your lawn.

Grading and Sod

Sometimes your lawn needs a helping hand. We offer grass seeding and sod services to help improve those problem areas. We also offer lawn grading. Create a slope for proper drainage, or level out your land for a play area or patio.

Mulch Installing

Mulching is the perfect way to keep your garden clean and prevent weeds from growing. We can clean out planning beds by removing weeds and debris, and re-edge it for a sharper look. This service is also available with rocks.

Trees and Shrub Maintenance & Installation

From tree branch trimming and removal to tree installation and stomp grinding, we offer a variety of tree and yard maintenance packages. We can also create custom yard fixtures that are great for planters or gardens. We can work with your yard to create the perfect design.


One thing we know is that not all yards are created level. We also know that proper yard drainage is important for preventing floods and damage to your landscaping or home. We can create a custom drainage system to stop the water retention problem and help keep your yard dry.

Snow removal

Much like our lawn service, but in the winter. We also offer plow and snow removal services whenever you need it. We also offer seasonal snow removal contracts where we will come to your house after every big snow and plow out your driveway. We are also available for parking lots, streets, and other bigger jobs.

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B & C Pavers and Landscaping Inc. focuses on brick and concrete work design. Based out of Woodstock, IL, we provide services to the surrounding areas, such as Barrington, Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg and more. Over the years we have become experts at designing and constructing landscaping and brickwork. We will create the perfect addition to your yard, guaranteed.

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